Gregg Perry (continued)


For over 25 years Gregg Perry offered high style Chippendale and Queen Anne Replica to a  plethora of clients consisting of both furniture dealers and private individuals throughout the United States.  Mr. Perry achieved notable attention in 1997 when he was featured in Colonial Homes magazine and interest in his line extended itself well into 2002.  However the last 5 years he has seen his profession narrow considerably with so many dealers closing their doors and less and less wood mills and suppliers surviving the post 90's economy. Having taken reproductions as far as he thought possible, Mr. Perry decided to expand his expertise to include restoration with the intent to repair and conserve those original masterpieces that had been his inspiration in the 80's.

This decision would require him to close his studio and seek apprenticeships with reputable restorers. These experiences left him astonished by the methods employed in this  "Restoration Shop". These procedures would be more aptly termed "Make-UP Jobs" rather than anything resembling restoration:  Unorthodox joinery, improper glues and gluing, as well as untraditional finishes were applied to fine period pieces.  Quickly Mr. Perry realized that he would not be able to achieve what he sought.  Training in Authentic - Non Invasive Traditional - Restoration methods.

Exasperated, he took the drastic measure to apply for admittance at the prestigious Ecole Boulle* located in Paris, France.  After being accepted he enrolled in the Restoration course providing him with the knowledge he sought and it is a journey that continues today with his relationships among the master artisans he encountered along the streets of the Faubourg St. Antoine, once the epicenter of furniture making.

Today Mr. Perry is the only American to have completed the one-year mark in the "Atelier de Restauration".